CÚMUL nace en 2015, en el festival de arte urbano Ús Barcelona. Desde entonces cada uno de sus proyectos ha sido publicado en los mejores blogs de arte, diseño y arquitectura de todo el mundo. 

CÚMUL es un colectivo de artistas, diseñadores e ingenieros dedicado...


I will represent Mutuo gallery at the Loop Festival with 5 videos directly connected with the tradition of body art. "When the body acts as a dynamic canvas, every brushstroke or intervention is engraved in the flesh, and therefore in my own physical memory. The concep...


Mutuo Galería presenta “DE CUERPO ENTERO”, exposición colectiva.
El cuerpo, ya sea como medio o como sujeto, sigue siendo la zona de fricción más cercana al artista. Es, al decir de Hal Foster, ese lugar nada neutral ni pasivo, sino más bien obsesivo, en el que converg...


As a true believer that all things are connected, and that art is a constant research, my projects

tend to be conceptually connected, like branches. With my work I deal with many internal feelings

in reflection to global phenomenon. I would like to share a simple, yet do...


MOFUTA Studio Gallery presents "NODES" contemporary art exhibition. We will have the participation of local and international artists with their most recent works. Take advantage of this great opportunity to acquire works of great quality and at a very good price of em...


Since my relocation to Barcelona for my MFA studies, on March 2016, I have found the perfect space that can chance it's face from a studio to gallery.  

The space is on the first floor, with glass doors- giving an opportunity to the passers by to have a glimpse int...


The inspiration for this series comes from the last memory I have of my family: a series of low resolution images of online conversations. The pixelation of the images represents the isolation in the contemporary world and the degradation of the relations until their e...


As part of the International Art and Architecture Festival I performed "Heart Cramp", and exhibited two video works: "Hunimals" & "Heartcramp" In November, through It's Liquid group I had the opportunity to exhibit those works again in bogota, Colombia. 



Celebrating my 27th bday with art and good people. In the past, I have preferred to disappear for a few days from this time of the year, but this year was different. 

A solo exhibition as a celebration seemed appropriate, so with the help of good artists friends we made...

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