A mirror is a surface which reflects a clear image, a reflector of light waves. Natural mirrors have existed since pre historic times, such as the surface of water. A reflection is not exactly reality as we know it, but rather a distorted perspective. A mirror is used mostly for inspecting oneself, but so often only physically, superficially and externally. This series aims to delve deeper into inner self reflection. Reflections are an amazing thing because they tell us literally (and psychologically) a great deal about how we see ourselves and the world around us.

In this series of paintings, it’s an observation of emotions, through a relationship that took a shape of a visual diary. The first painting was done on 02.02.2020, simply due to the need to paint. Intuitively the mirror was chosen as the model, without an idea, a goal or a concept. From the first sight the mirror seemed “ugly”, not due to its strange form but rather due to personal perspective. This process of delving into different reflections allowed me to see things from new angles, a wider and ever changing point of view.

The title of the series refers to the mirror as female, since she reflects myself. The mirror and I begun a relationship that lasted for 100 paintings, and kept me company during the pandemic. She loved me simply because I loved her, she gave me what I gave her, and allowed me to see myself through her eyes. Months were spend looking at the mirror and seeing myself, not externally but rather internally, and discovering things I may have never observed without this artistic journey. The more time we spent together the clearer it became that the difference between reality and fiction is transparent like the surface of the mirror.


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