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"Why must one cut his roots in order to fly?"

The inspiration for this series comes from the last memory I have of my family: a series of low resolution images of online conversations. The pixelation of the images represents the isolation in the contemporary world and the degradation of the relations until their extinction. Paintings of fuzzy portraits in uncomfortable compositions and lines of painting symbolize time, layers of complexity and distance. The bubble wrap represents the importance of protecting significant fragile objects. Using a syringe I was injecting each bubble with a specific colour combination to create a large image.


In the performance- PIXELES- Using the force of my body I exploded the bubbles of paint. this shows the process of the acceptance of needing to accept and understand the importance of protecting valuable things - such as paintings, people and memories because it is difficulties to maintaining those things.

In the video "Motherless" (where you can see under the category: art) I center myself in the navel, which carries the memory of our umbilical cord - the maximum and first scar. With a meditative sense, I delete the sign to achieve a momentary loss of the mother as a concept. It is a process of self-inflicted separation and orphanhood.

By erasing the memory of my origin, how can I explain my existence? By substituting one memory for another. Above all, I try to show the difficulty in accepting this disconnection, although embracing it as a step towards true freedom.

The "Rebirth" (where you can see under the category: art) performance is a necessary stage in the process. (was done during the opening of Mofuta Studio gallery)

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