MFA exhibition

general information:

The exhibition presents the works developed by the postgraduates of the master's degree in Production and Artistic Research of the University of Barcelona, ​​from the Art and Contexts Intermediate line. Especially focused on its multidisciplinary nature, it emphasizes transversal, dialectical and experimental practices of production, the expansion and research of the arts.

The exposed works emerge from inquiries that challenge alterations of plural contexts: decoding cultural transfers, questioning territorial dynamics and daily routines or revealing new spaces of thought. From other positions, they disarticulate the sound of the ways of looking, the incognito is sought by valuing the unpredictable, discovering the camouflage of emotions, deconstructing the identity of the object and revealing the memory of matter, in new consciousnesses of virtual time There are young university, national and foreign creators, some of whom have enjoyed residences in the spaces of the Creation Factory of Barcelona - Fabra i Coats to carry out the Final Master's Degrees, in a collection of the exploration processes of the world and critical thinking.

The transfer of results from artistic research is included in this exhibition at the Contemporary Art Center of Barcelona - Fabra i Coats, through a collaboration agreement between the UB and the ICUB that promotes the cultural transfer to the city.

About the my work that is being presented:


Through the production of art, I try to penetrate the consciousness of the viewer (as well as mine) and discover the hidden layers of information. My goal is to demonstrate (through art) that our perception of reality is based on things that are not obvious or even hidden.

"darkness is necessary in-order to see the stars"

Painting is the basis of my creative process, but I develop it with different means in order to make visible what is not evident. The fact of using means closer to the documentation -video- and the body-performances-expanded the meaning of my research and I began to ask myself: what does it mean to exist?

this led me to a spiral path of investigation. One main idea that is very interesting is an "imaginary order"zs that is a set of rules of conduct, not based on social conventions or personal knowledge, but on the belief in common myths. As god, politics, money, human rights, global warming, etc. this idea that our perception of reality is a controlled hallucination can be proven by investigating nature and its elements such as camouflage and its motives. The philosophy of human development is also evident to the fact that a theory is correct only until a new theory contradicts the previous one.

The starting point for this work, which is being presented here, is memory and its side effects. A work that arises from an event that was developed more than three years ago in the United States of America, during my last visit to my family. One night we were invited to dinner with Jewish friends of my parents. We arrived at an elegant restaurant, with a prestigious design. I realised that the restaurant was completely empty of people. During dinner, I participated in conversations around the table, conversations that normally would not have in another context. However, the moment I assume it, it was important for me to try not to disturb the peace. or in other words, mix with the context, camouflage me culturally. During this festive event, my younger brother (4 years old) was bored and unemployed. My sisters (14-16) took the video camera that I brought and they started filming. The result was a documentary performance. The protagonist of the film is Joseph, my younger brother.

Over time, and while searching through my archive of recordings, I discovered this video. This discovery distorted my understanding of time and reality. The fact that I was not aware of my surroundings at that time made me question my perception of reality. After all, this event did not exist until I saw the video. On the other hand, I was physically facing the same space, time and dimension of the event. It is curios because one of the characteristics of art performance is the fact that the viewer and the artist share the same consciousness in time and space. This documentation became the origin of a work in which I combined with performance and painting. It is a work that emerged from a personal situation but that represents a global state. He sharpened the senses while it was getting dark.

video: 15 minutes

paintings composition: 84 x x118 cm


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