Through the practice of producing art, I started to draw spiral shapes as a way to fill the empty space. The emptiness and darkness that came from the feeling of non existence. The drawings flew like a meditation. Endless movements in robotic rhythm. While I was drawing I use the time to think my feelings and feel my thoughts - I aim to balance this combination as much as possible because in many situations in our lives we are divided between our logical and our emotional side- while both parts coexists in the same physical body.

While drawing I understood that the spiral shapes is like "going in circles" but with a forward movement, so the lines never repeats in the same location- and movement is life. Its Black and white because nothing is black and white.

In the paintings I aim to create unrecognised layers with a pleasent confusion. Hierarchal caos because darkness is not emptiness, but rather a mess or too many things. If I'll manage to organise this mess to let the light in, it will reveal all there is in this darkness of nothingness.

In the performance with the rope - I aim to test the shape of the spiral through the use of body. Going back and forth in circles while creating a spiral. Through this action I learned that the more force I use the tighter the spiral gets. So, it creates an opposite result, instead of getting out of the caos I lock myself more. During the performance, my energy slowly faded away, and than an interesting thing happened. With no force at all, but the same circular movement I manage to free myself easily.


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