As a true believer that all things are connected, and that art is a constant research, my projects

tend to be conceptually connected, like branches. With my work I deal with many internal feelings

in reflection to global phenomenon. I would like to share a simple, yet dominant example which recently inspired me quite a lot.

Let’s take a tree branch literally. We see a branch whose arching shape is caused by the force of gravity. Yet, the lightweight leaves, whom are nearly dry and about to be swift away by the wind, are facing upwards, towards the sky away from the ground. The birth of hypothetical associations is unavoidable.

The branch and I share the same gravity. The branch is so thin and tired, but its base is a strong tree trunk. Its leaves fall one by one, in an un-orderly manner and rhythmless flow- depending on the energy of the wind. How is it reflected towards me? as a human who shares the same space with this tree. The gravity effects both of us, and I believe there is more psychological, survival and cultural weight carried on my shoulders, rather than the weight of the leaves. The power of nature is far beyond the human capabilities.

My work have repetitive trades and ideas, but always from a newer perspective. With any new drop

of knowledge I observe, it brings great pleasure. Knowledge come in many form that can be

adopted by using any of our senses. Reading textual material or visually perceiving new situations. Realizing a new taste exists and hearing a new sound. The repetitiveness creates a meditative feeling. When every repeated notion is being looked upon as a primal stroke, the uniqueness of each one is highlighted. Each consist of desire, time and the effects of science. Due to the human and natural factors of materials, when painting with watercolour for example, the density of the paint detaches itself from the water, while fading away with every touch with the paper.


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