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Live Performance 

site specific, live painting performance where the results contain paintings or other installation of artworks. In a performance, unlike theatre, there are no borders between the artist and the viewers. The element of surprise exists for both sides, and the curiosity leads to discover what might happen.  


"Found Object" / "Color theory" / "Blind drawing"

Artistic Develoment

The program is completely customized. 1-on-1 private art class instruction allows your creativity to receive artistic guidance from a professional artist as your teacher. 


This process of art tutoring includes, but not limited to:

  • tailor-made instruction created just for you

  • artistic techniques that support your unique needs and authentic self-expression

  • Develop your artistic voice and visual expression

  • work in artist studio alongside an artist as your tutor 

  • prepare portfolio work

  • refine the conceptual and artistic focus

  • understand why you do what you do.

Graphic Design

I have been doing art ever since I can remember, and always was I drawn to visual experiments. My first interaction with the world of graphic design was in high school, In a Cyber Arts institute in Toronto,Canada. I have completed my BFA in 2009 (ILIS, USA) with a focus on graphic design. Graphic design IS A TOOL for communicating, educating, solving problems, provoking thoughts, and creating beautiful visuals.


My experience in design involves print, web, app design, package design and branding. Bringing closer technology and the user is the key element for the comunication, and this distance can be eliminated by falling in love with the product. My motivations include contribution, learning new things and overcoming challenges.

Art Guide Barcelona

art galleries & architecture and modernism


The Eixample neighborhood is a masterpiece of urban planning and artistic corners hidden next to spectacular architectural structures! it’s a district that abounds in unique galleries of contemporary art, exceptional architecture and breezes of fresh air from the sea. Join for a walk on the line between nature and city, industrial and organic, life and art. 


street art

El Ravel! an outcast of a neighborhood despite its proximity to the center. From a crime neighborhood to a trendy area full of art, El-Raval is transforming constantly and has a fascinating history and conflicts that make headlines to this day. During the tour, we will get to know the neighborhood street artists, hear stories about the role of graffiti in the public space, and discover spectacular masterpieces that might live only for a day, or two! 

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