I have been doing art ever since I can remember, and always was I drawn to visual experiments. In high school I enrolled into any possible class of visual art, film, painting, digital manipulation, drawing and even acting. My first interaction with the world of graphic design was over a decade ago, In a Cyber Arts high school in Toronto,Canada. I constantly researched graphic designers and analysed their works in order to learn the different approaches and conceptual theories that were taken towards advertisements, icons, and graphic comunication in general. I have completed my BFA in 2009 (ILIS, USA) with a focus on graphic design. Graphic design IS A TOOL for communicating, educating, solving problems, provoking thoughts, and creating beautiful visuals. I have explored many paths in art; and I find great freedoms in the capabilities and variety of sensations conveyed by the forms of graphic design. 


My experience in design involves print, web, app design, package design and branding. I am a fast learner, eager to contribute and aspiring for the best. Bringing closer technology and the user is the key element for the comunication, and this distance can be eliminated by falling in love with the product. My motivations include contribution, learning new things and overcoming challenges.


My artistic comunication skills has given me a range of practical capabilities that I trust can contribute. With this said, I am looking for opportunities for collaborations.


Print (magazines, flyers, stationery design, package, posters, cds, layouts …)


Brand Identity (logo design, business specifications, personalization) 


Online ( web/app design, UI, color scheme, advisement…) 


the videos on this webpage were filmed and edited by me. Furthermore I love collaborating with musicians, as well as the fashion industry and more. 

ART GUIDE -Barcelona

As a museum geek and a person that follows curiosity I find myself in all kind of art galleries, exhibition openings and underground cultural events. I'll be happy to take you for personal guide where I'll share with you theoretical knowledge and explanations based also on my personal view- in hopes to create an aspiring experiance. 


If you have looked through my website, you can see that I have differing styles that fit different works. Feel free to contact me for ideas and requests.

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